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Banks – Bank accounts opening

Banks – Bank accounts opening

Every country has its own habits including for banking relationships.

In Switzerland banking benefits from a good reputation especially wealth management. Each person has its own beliefs regarding money management. However, you need to stay on top of your philosophy. Don’t let yourself be influenced by advisers who make you take too many risks.

Unlike any other country, in Switzerland there are no rules limiting cash withdrawal and deposit. However, just like everywhere else in the world, you need to be able to justify where the money comes from or what you will do with heavy cash withdrawals.

4SwissInstallation helps your find the right bank according to your need and situation. Some banks offer mortgages, some don’t. Some banks will be perfect for paying your bills; some will be for wealth management. You just need to know which one to choose for each situation. Our background in banking is a real asset. However we can advise you on the banks but we do not take care of wealth management.

As a reminder, we are completely independent and have not signed any partnership with any banks. We can easily help you to open a bank account thanks to our network and our networking experience. In Switzerland it is better to be introduced by a bank than to contact them directly