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Local habits and customs

Local habits and customs

Uses and customs :

French people think it is very easy to settle in Switzerland because we speak the same language, at least in part of the country. According to our experience what is the same from many others, it is a mistake. About it, maybe, it is easier to go to a country having another language. When you talk to someone, you double check what you say. So you avoid a lot of misunderstanding. Because the difference of cultures (this is the same in Quebec, etc) The words can be the same but the sense of the words can be different.

French culture is very different from Swiss culture. Within a same country there are already important differences. Each region and each country has its own vocabulary or expressions.

The same goes for customs and local habits. To feel at home in a new country it is mandatory to learn about local culture. When you show to others that you try to speak their own language, the relationships become much easier.

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