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4SwissInstallation can also offer your solutions.

When you move country, you often leave behind your friends and family. So it is essential to recreate this social network to help you enjoy your new life.

It is even more important for couples whose partner travels a lot for business, leaving the other one behind. The one who stays behind should meet other people with common interests (bridge, sports, associations, cultural visits…).

Through 4SwissInstallation you will quickly meet people and make new friends. Gaetan de Longeaux excels at networking with high level and demanding profiles. Gaetan was in charge of the association of young executives in Switzerland. He managed it locally for 5 years in the canton de Vaud and nationally for 2 years when he was president. He really enjoyed this experience.

The idea is to introduce you to a group of people who leave in Switzerland for the same reasons than you. We organize these meeting once a month either lunch or dinner. Some of the speakers present their activity. We also organize visits such as the Nespresso factory, Jaeger Le Coultre, Gianadda, Olympic museum, the Ferrari workshop. Often, there is a meal organized around the visit.