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In Switzerland a notary is a public officer.

A notarized act is a legal procedure which protects you against complains and legal procedures. A notary is legally bound to professional secrecy. His legal knowledge and neutrality are part of his professional status.

The association of notaries from ANV (Association des Notaires Vaudois) is a non-profit organization respecting article 16 and following from the Swiss Civil Code. This non-profit organization gathers all notaries from the Vaud region. In Geneva it is a Chamber of notaries and so on and so forth.

It is essential for you to meet a notary in your new country of residence. Inheritance laws in your new country are the one you have to apply. 4SwissInstallation can introduce you to a notary who also knows perfectly the laws of your own country. We can recommend a notary who will be located close to your future home. You need to be practical and organized.

Additionally when you buy a property it is highly recommended that you choose your own notary even if you can use the seller’s one. Again 4SwissInstallation can introduce you to the notary you are looking for.