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Tax lawyers

Tax lawyers

Switzerland offers an excellent quality of life. The country is in the center and at the crossroads of Europe. It benefits from excellent transportation infrastructures (airports, railways, roads). The climate is good, safety is a priority. It offers one of the best medical care. Schools are good, pluri-cultural and open doors to the best universities and trainings in Switzerland or abroad. Culture and leisure activities are readily available. Many foreigners choose to live in Switzerland. You will have many opportunities to meet other expatriates either working or retired. To get the best out of your move, you need to prepare your arrival!

Are you thinking about moving to Switzerland? Your first move should be to meet your tax lawyer. 4SwissInstallation will introduce you to the best professionals.

Switzerland attracts many French people who want to relocate.However, mentalities in French speaking Switzerland are very different from French ones that is why you need a tax adviser. He will advise you on questions regarding taxes, inheritance, real estate, insurance, moving, etc.

Did you ever ask yourself the following questions:

Is Swiss taxation system more interesting for me than my current one? At which conditions may I stay in Switzerland? Can I benefit for Swiss lump-sum taxation? Is it the best solution for me?

What happens to my properties which I still own into my previous country of residence?

How long do I need to stay in each country? Do I have the right to buy real estate in Switzerland and when can I begin proceedings? What will be the taxation consequences if I become a Swiss resident? May I optimize the profit of the selling of my industrial or professional properties if I sell them after my departure to Switzerland? Or is it better before? Will the choice of my area of residence have an impact on my taxation regime? How can I organize my inheritance and what is the legal system?

Moving generates many legal and tax related questions both in the country you are living and the one you are arriving in as well as internationally. You need to have tackled all these questions before you implement your project. We introduce you to the right tax adviser to answer all your queries. The professionals we introduce you to are trained to answer questions about Switzerland, many foreign countries as well as international move. They are specialized in civil and common law and wealth management. Their services include for instance:

Legal advice for primary residence changes and real estate purchase in Switzerland and abroad; Inheritance planning, trusts, taxation for people, families, artists or sportsmen; Change of nationality; Advice and legal representation for tax updates, participation in government programs for tax transfer, etc. Analyses and recommendation for setting up trusts, foundations and other wealth management tools for families or non-profit; Wills, prenuptials and other legal documents; Family owned company transfer; Legal affairs.

They advise you directly or your family office representative. Your move to Switzerland will have personal, economical and tax consequences. We help you identify and measure these consequences in order to anticipate any problem. In short, our help is a must.

To find you the best adviser, 4SwissInstallation takes into account his location as well as his experience and knowledge about the country you are coming from.