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Real estate agencies

Real estate agencies

When you settle in Switzerland you will need a place to live, even a country house for instance in a ski resort.

It is highly recommended you first meet a tax lawyer who will explain to you the consequences of your choice according to the location (canton and commune) as well as the purchase price (which can impact your taxes). 4SwissInstallation offers you tailor-made solutions.

In our network we have owners of a great selection of real estate agencies. Consequently we are able to offer you the best properties according to your requirements.

In order to help you save time, we take you around to visit properties and are thus able to verify information given by agencies. You benefit from our independent status.

For instance we can double check if the plot next to the house you want to move in is a building ground or not. Before your arrival we can select properties answering your needs. We can organize consecutive visits to save time. We defend your interest since we are independent from any real estate agencies. Consequently we can start negotiating prices on your behalf.

4SwissInstallation can also introduce you to architects who can check the quality of the estate you want to purchase.